Tribute to Nelson Mandela

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post on hearing of the passing of Mr Nelson Mandela. I was fortunate enough to have met him, and though the moment was brief, the experience unforgettable.  Rest in peace now Tata  and thank you for been the light that has guided South Africa for so many years.

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Spring is here!

too cute www.suechristie.comSpring is here! With such great weather it is time to get out and about. There is lots to do and see in Johannesburg. From close up encounters with lion cubs to a visit to the famous Apartheid Museum. Perhaps you might prefer a trip into Soweto. Not to be missed on the list is a trip to The Cradle of Human kind and The Sterkfontein Caves.

We take you where you want to go!

Contact us on and we will tailor-make a tour especially for you.

Two lazy daisy butterflies

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Kids fun educational tailor-made tours

I take “mini monsters” on tours!

If you don`t know what to do with yours, give them to me, we have lots of fun and its educational.



If your are in town or just busy at work and would like to give your children an interesting, fun educational way to learn a little more, it would be my pleasure to care for them for the day/days.  There is so much for them to see and do and they get to have a good time in the process. The days outing always combines a little art, culture, a lot of nature, some science, even history, also personal skills development. They even learn about sharing and caring! Mostly though it`s more about having a happy fun day doing something different.

See the contact us page and I will tailor make a tour to suit  your requirements depending on your kid`s  interests.


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On Safari in South Africa.

www.suechristie.comThe bright eye of a Giraffe.





If in Johannesburg for a stop over come on a short trip to the Lion Park where you will see not only giraffe, lion, cheetah and the endangered wild dog.

Ah this is such fun!




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Its Snowing In Jozi South Africa – all Smiles


Yeah its snowing!
















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Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela see Celebrations Good Fun..

Happy birthday Madiba we wish you all the very best.


From myself, the Principal, staff and pupils of Silverfields Primary School in Krugersdorp Gauteng South Africa.

Our 67 minutes will be spent with the 120 little children in the Dunusa squatter camp creche

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Graffitti Gallery Art or Culture you decide?

See what a couple of us saw when we went strolling around in the South African Sunshine on a Sunday in Jozi…


We also had lots of fun!

www.suechristie.comJoin us sometime.





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On Safari in Botswana – pure heaven

This is it- Pure Heaven.

The Okovongo Delta, Moremi National and the other National Parks of Botswana Southern Africa are truly the nature of all things.

Let’s hope we can take care of this gift we’ve been given.

It might sound clichéd, but above and beyond everything else, it’s the sun sets that blow one away. Only the mind can truly capture them – cameras and canvasses are unable to do any kind of justice.



Within the orange sunset the hippo`s bob up and down in the water, surrounded by bubbles – and who knows who the bubbles actually belong to? The hippos? The crocodiles? Tilapias, fish or frogs?

www.suechristie.comI can only delight at the incredible beauty that surrounds me whilst traversing the lily and reed alleyways. The sensory and aesthetic impact of the waterways and the lilies is almost just too much to bear, the sounds of bird calls like bells beckoning one to stay, to pray.

Thanks to Grant our nature guide in Botswana not insignificant catering and organisational skills, setting up camp is done with military precision. In a matter moments we are settled and relaxed and flowing at a pace that fits exactly with the incredible surroundings.

The camp-fire is surrounded by a warm, earthy rumble, almost a purr. If you tilt back in your comfy camping chair you see that the sky is filled with flashes of electric light as a Sputnik or shooting star goes by.



All of this comes courtesy of a man who is as passionate about the bush as he is about sharing this piece of heaven with you. I think they call it a virtuous cycle. Regardless, the end result is an experience that one will never find anywhere else. Grant truly does deliver indigenous delights – and while everyone in the tourist business uses the same language and claims the same features, Grant actually understands that the tide of the delta moves to its own rhythm, rocking one into a lullaby of a different sort, guided by the sun, moon and stars.

www.suechristie.comThe hard part about telling stories about ones incredible experiences is what to leave out. Will it be the color of the lily’s- the yellow of the stamens, the whites and lilacs, blues? Or the color of the blackened waters of the delta? The Mopani tree forests? The antelope? or the armada of butterflies sailing by perhaps the carnivores? The list is just too long, the decisions too hard. Ultimately, I have to resign myself to my inability to paint this picture with words – even words that have pictures to help them along.

www.suechristie.comThe bottom line is explore the safari booking options or we will tailor make the Safari to meet your  needs, be it a mobile camping  safari or just to lie back and relax in the lap of luxury. Contact me at



For a further glimpse of this incredible part of the world pop into the gallery and look in Botswana Southern Africa.



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For to be #free…..

http://www.suechristie.comToday the 27th of April  is “Freedom Day”  in South Africa.

It is a public holiday where we  South Africans commemorates the first time we were All allowed to vote in 1994

This is what Mr Nelson Mandela had to say on Freedom-

Quote- For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.

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The Sins of The Father and more…..

Http://www.suechristie.comSir Jeffery Archer and I  discuss the art of story telling?




Such a wonderful evening was spent listening to Jeffery speaking about Story Telling on  his birthday at SkoobsTOB Monti Casino Sandton Johannesburg.


What a fun evening

Thank you Sir Jeffery Archer

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