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#Nelson Mandela my Mentor – my Guide

http://www.suechristie.comLast week I was in the middle of the African bush trying to hide from the hot South African sun under an umbrella made of bark and huge white thorns, when a chill ran through my very being. Via the twitter cleft stick I heard that My mentor, my hero and my guide Madiba had been admitted to hospital.  I walked off on my own into the bush like an old bushman to deal with the news, and these thoughts just pumped through my veins.

Is it time for me, for South Africa for Africa for the World at large to finally let go of Mr Mandela?  The Soul of Humankind.

It is because of you  Madiba that I am so passionate about Africa, compassionate and caring  about “our” people.  Thank you Sir for sharing your pain, your suffering, your fighting spirit and your gentleness. When I was fortunate enough to have you shake my hand with both of yours you gave me the courage to keep going, to continue to follow my instincts, to be brave, to never ever give up, to try to be honest in all my endeavors, to not be afraid to speak out.

I write this with tears in my eyes, knowing that it is probably getting close to the time when you will have to leave us and get the much needed rest not only your body but you mind deserves. Your soul Sir,  thank heavens will be left for us all to hopefully follow in your incredible foot steps, to be guided in how to live with honesty, integrity,forgiveness and not be afraid to fight for those rights.

God Bless you, if it is now your time to depart from The Cradle of Human Kind that you helped create, may your final journey be one of peace and gentleness.